“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free    


Samya Yoga Healing

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed?  Worrying all the time about the future or what others think of you?  Find yourself judging others often?  Maybe feeling stuck in the past and unable to move forward?  It's hard to get out of bed, feeling low energy and unable to enjoy things, or just unmotivated to do anything?

I'm Twyla Gingrich and owner of Samya Yoga Healing.  I too have struggled with all these things, being an excessive worrier since childhood, feeling responsible for making everyone else happy and overwhelmed when things didn't go right for others.  Then add on seasonal depression which made me irritable and snapping at my loved ones and negative towards myself.  It wasn't until I moved half way across the world and realized the thing I needed to change was me.  I met my teacher, Prasad Rangnekar, and started living a life where I took 100% accountability for me - my attitude and reactions to the world around me and it's made all the difference.  I created Samya Yoga Healing to pass on what I've learned through personal experiences and from experiences of people I've worked with over the past decade - using awareness to empower and embrace a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

I'm a licensed clinical social worker, addictions counselor, and certified yoga teacher with over 500 hours of teacher training.  I've have worked in the mental health field for over ten years and my training in yoga is from a traditional hatha yoga lineage which focuses on using physical, psychological and subtle energy practices to move towards self-transformation.  Both my western and eastern training allows me to assist others in their personal self-growth by uniting heart with mind.

Client Testimonials

"I began my introduction to yoga by taking some yoga classes with Twyla. I like her calm presentation and no pressure style of teaching poses and helping students to participate at their own level of comfort. I attended her workshop on Breath and learned more about the importance of breathing and being aware of your breath. I am not a very contemplative person and prefer to be active and on the go. Twyla has helped me to be comfortable with being present and using my breath to be aware of my body.  I leave her classes feeling calm and at peace, letting go of the stress I carry with me. When I exercise I feel a sense of physical well-being, but doing yoga and using my breath helps  to give me a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.  After her workshop on Breath when I find myself in a stressful situation I try to be aware of my breath and use some of the breathing techniques to calm myself. I also find myself using my breath when I am hiking or skiing so that I am relaxing and enjoying the activity."  - Kathy

"I would highly recommend taking a yoga workshop from Samya Yoga Healing owned and run by Twyla Gingrich. I attended her Self Love for Women workshop and couldn’t have been more impressed. Twyla nicely integrates yoga practice, concepts of the mind, and the human experience. I walked away with a new framework in which to view everyday experiences as well as yoga techniques that I can apply to my everyday life. Her extensive training in India offers us a unique opportunity for learning. I will not pass up the opportunity to attend more workshops in the future!" - Lauren

 "I am really amazed at how much better the yoga has made me feel!  Following a serious ski accident that left me with multiple torn ligaments in both knees Twyla’s instruction taught me to practice yoga from a seated position and with some floor poses.  After completing yoga sessions I was able to relax my knees as well as other joints and muscles which had become stiff and uncomfortable.  The yoga also helped me to restore calm when confronted with the frustration and emotion of my situation."  -Linda

"Twyla's workshop was fantastic! What a great way to relax, focus, and practice yoga. The home setting was peaceful and intimate allowing all to feel comfortable. Excellent experience!"  - Dr. Amy Gallagher, PsyD

"I loved taking this workshop from Twyla. With her caring and professional nature, and her deep training in yoga and spirit nurturing, she created a loving environment where I felt safe and excited to take on new challenges, physically and emotionally. Using the soothing techniques of yoga, she helped me relax and open up about how I wanted to grow. She integrated teachings she had learned from her gurus in India with the wisdom she was gained from her own life experiences, and brought them together in a way that was relevant to what I wanted to learn. The workshop
was soothing for my physical body and invigorating for my spirit. Afterward I felt nurtured and refreshed. In the workshop, Twyla gave me a mantra specially designed for me, to help me meditate on what I had learned, and continue learning and growing from this experience in the future." –Jill S.


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