"The secret to CHANGE is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates 


Individual Counseling with Samya Yoga Healing focuses on creating Awareness of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, Taking Responsibility of reactions to the outside world to find empowerment, Learning and using yoga-based tools to cultivate a more calm and steady mind, and Practicing self-compassion through-out the process. If you are ready to make change and put in the effort and dedication necessary to create change, call Twyla for more information and pricing at 970-445-8420.

What is Yoga-based Counseling?

Yoga-based Counseling is a unique, approach to explore the ways in which the teachings of Yoga philosophy can help you shift limiting patterns in the mind and experience more content within all areas in life. Through practicing awareness, you will be able to identify thought patterns, belief systems and reactions that have been fueling all the dissatisfaction you have been experiencing your daily life.

We will learn and practice the various techniques of Yoga that you can use to increase both awareness and being in the present moment. These techniques include meditation, breath work, mantra, hand-gestures, and self-study.  These tools can help reduce stress and improve mindfulness, helping us maintain peace and presence while dealing with the challenges of daily life.  Finding and practicing the tools that fit you can help to navigate even the most challenging moments from a place of compassion, presence, and openness….

Who is a good fit for Samya Yoga Healing?

Anyone who has already experienced the benefits of a physical yoga practice and wants to dive deeper into the breath and mind practices for self-transformation.  Anyone who is more spiritually-minded and wanting to create change in their moods and thinking patterns because they feel stuck.  Anyone wanting to move past self-destructive behaviors such as excessive worry and anxiety, negative self-worth, wanting to not live, and substance abuse.

Who is not a good fit for Samya Yoga Healing?

Someone looking for a quick fix.  Someone wanting change to happen now and is not willing to put in personal effort and commitment.



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"Twyla has a kind, open heart.  Her experience and practice have a grounded foundation for self-inquiry and meeting me where I am at with myself.  She is a great listener and aids in sorting through my tornado of emotions, and encourages action and rest.  Developing a relationship of support has opened up a trust in sharing with her, which further opens me up to face the inner and outer challenges of day to day life and engaging in trusting myself." -Female, 30s

"Twyla's unique style combining traditional therapy with breathing techniques and yoga philosophy is amazing!  I was going through a big transition and Twyla helped me through it by allowing me a safe space for processing my thoughts and feelings while providing practical tools and resources for shifting my mindset to cope with a difficult time in my life.  I highly recommend her as a therapist!" - Female, 40s